About us

Charitable organization “Charitable foundation “Strong and Free” is the union of those who care, whose heart is in pain for the country and of those who do believe in the best. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russian army in our country, we created the volunteer’s group NoWarHelp and started activities helping not only our loved ones in the battlefield but also our civilians.
  • Our goal is to help those who are in need as when we share a part of our inspiration, a part of our aspiration, a part of our soul, we as a people are becoming much stronger.
  • Our aim is to make maximum efforts in supporting our warrior-angels, so that they feel there is someone strong and free having their back. We want them to know that we are together in it every single moment, every step on our common way to freedom!
  • Our desire is to become the support for each Ukrainian and unite those who are ready to build the future we all deserve; we all fight for and we all undoubtfully believe in!

We strive not only to provide support to our guys in the battlefield but also helping those who have returned from war as heroes and need the aid with recovery and rehabilitation.

Apart from that, we want to support Ukrainians who lost their homes because of Russian invasion but did not lose their belief in our victory!

We are strong! We are free! We are unconquerable and invincible! This is exactly what gives us the strength to protect our country from the enemy, destroy the occupants, fight bravely and courageously though managing to keep warmth, love, belief, and hope in our hearts. This drives us pursuing the better future for our Ukraine, our people, our children!

Our team

Everyone matters! Join the team and help us change the world

Mariia Lakeieva


Tetiana Smirnova